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What to Do With Old Cell Phones

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"If you walk in the store today and come back in a year, the phones would be totally different." said Bryan Cingular Wireless Store manager Scott Duchmasclo.

Cell phone technology is constantly changing. By the time you've broken in a phone, it's time for a new one. So what do you do with your old one?

"I usually give them to my daughter the old ones. I usually give them to her and she tears them up," said cell phone user Robert Sowders.

"I have two cell phones, one got water damage and the other one was just an old one and I just threw them in a drawer," said cell phone user Hannah Drager.

You might want to go to the closet and dust off those old cell phones because there are some options you have on what to do with them. You can either donate or resell.

The Twin City Mission accepts donated cell phones to give to victims of domestic violence. Once the phone is donated, it can be sold or programmed to dial 911.

"The clients can't take these phones and call their mothers, their brothers, and their cousins and best friends and just run up big phone bills, that's not what the program is all about, it's really a set up to help our clients have a secure feeling when they're going back out into the community again," said Ron Crozier with the Twin City Mission.

Log onto www.oldcellphone.com and you can trade your used phone in for cash. Simply confirm your phone model, fill out a form, and the company will ship you postage and packaging to send in your phone. A check to you will follow shortly.

Who knows, your phone could end up helping in a third world country.

"When you're deactivating your old cell phone and moving up to newer technology, that phone can still be used in other countries because they're back a step on the technology," said Rob Newton owner of the website.

So don't feel guilty about upgrading to a new phone, there are people out there who need to make a call with your old one.