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Cotton Bowl Merchandise a Big Hit

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Bowl games can be big business for retailers.

And local stores are not passing up the chance to get a piece of Cotton Bowl action.

If the line for tickets was any indication, Aggie Fans are excited about the Cotton Bowl.

"Everyone is excited about Aggie Football and that's what has driven our A&M products," says Lina Lawson of C.C. Creations.

C.C. Creations has printed over 5,000 Cotton Bowl t-shirts that are shipped to local stores.

Loupot's Bookstore is down to its last two, until more arrive.

"We got the shipment and we were all excited about the shirts. We were folding them and kept them in the back. Five employees who were all working went right to the register and bought one," says Leighann Elkins.

"People are having a hard time finding them, but we're doing the best we can and if all else fails we tell them to go to the mall," says Kevin Mika.

The printers at Aggieland Outfitters have been working day in and day out to keep the shirts on the shelves, making Cotton Bowl merchandise a bigger business than expected.

"It's been very hectic. We didn't realize Cotton Bowl was gonna be as big as it was this year but people have really responded well," says Aggieland Outfitters Manager Richard Robbins.

Robbins says their company prints and sells its own designs and the t-shirt's popularity have been profitable.

"We put one design out and then one design turned into two designs and then three. Now we have shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts...it's been really good for us," says Robbins.

But like any good business the goal is to think ahead, when the cotton bowl is over and Aggie fans return home.

"We already have orders pending for the Cotton Bowl champion shirts so as soon as they win that game, we'll be ready to go once again," says Lawson.