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Ringing in the New Year With a Bang

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Flying objects may be seen in the sky in couple of nights. With the coming of the New Year, there will be celebrations and many celebrations will involve fireworks.

Many Brazos Valley residents are planning to ring in the New Year with a bang.

"I've popped fireworks growing up, since I was a little kid," said Darrin Allen.

For Allen, fireworks have always been part of the celebration, but that's not the case for many others. Fireworks stands and warehouses like this one hope for big crowds, but know sales can be unpredictable.

"Our store had a first day opening half- price sale, so we did very well with that, but since that day sales have been slow," said Wayne Whitmire of Black Cat Fireworks.

Employees are taking advantage of their down time and getting ready for the rush they hope will come.

Come New Year's Eve, firework stands will be packed with people looking for that perfect popper.

"New Year's Eve is going to be a mad house, total chaos," said Whtimire.

But employees say that's part of the fun.

"We like the artillery shells, the ones that blow up in the sky," said Allen.

Allen has turned popping fireworks into a family affair.

I still like popping them. We have a family display that we do," said Allen.

Fireworks offer something for everyone. From people who like bright colors to those who like a little action and many are willing to spend big bucks to hear a big bang.