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Bryan Planners Are Revising Off-Street Parking Ordinance

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Drive through the neighborhoods of Bryan, and you'll see residents violating codes. The off-street parking ordinance prohibits parking or storing vehicles and trailers on grass or dirt in front yards.

"It's a difficult thing to enforce because in so many of our older parts of town, drive ways were not a requirement when the homes were built," said Assistant City Planner Beth Wilson.

What needs to be clarified is what constitutes a front yard. If a resident can't park on the grass in their front yard, then they can park on the side of the house. Code enforcement officers say that defeats the purpose.

The Bryan City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission have asked staff to revise the ordinance so it'll be easier to enforce. But, homeowner A.C. Carpio feels it's none of the city's business where property owners choose to park.

"If they want to park there on the grass then they're the ones who planted it there so, if they feel like they want to park there they should," said Carpio.

However, Wilson said parking in the grass is a health and safety issue.

"Weeds can grow up around the car, it can become unsightly, but also unsafe. It can be a home for vermin, it can be what we call an unattractive nuisance," said Wilson.

Staff is also looking into which commercial businesses are violating the ordinance.
Much of it boils down to timing, specifically whether a business site plan was drawn prior to or after the ordinance took affect.