Crews Respond to Sewage Spill in Bryan

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What could have been a big mess, is now cleaned up. Several hundred thousand gallons of sewage spilled near a Bryan mobile home park.

City officials said the waste had been seeping out for days behind the Greanbriar Acres Mobile Home park on Turkey Creek Road.

The cause of the clog was grease.

"It coagulates, it gets thicker in the sewer lines and it makes its way to the city sewer manes and it can hit broken pipes, something, anything that causes it to start building up and then it will cause a blockage, which causes the city sewer manes to back up," said Regulatory Compliance Supervisor Rob Werley.

The spill didn't contaminate Turkey Creek or threaten wildlife or human health.

Some tips to avoid these kind of problems include never pouring grease down sinks or toilets. Dispose of food scraps in the trash. Don't dump greasy food down the garbage disposal.