Grimes County Car Chase Ends with Arrest

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In Grimes County, a high speed chase ends in the arrest of a Navasota man suspected of carrying drugs.

A trooper spotted 34-year-old Donald Taylor driving with expired registration. Taylor failed to stop for the trooper, threw a couple of small objects out of his window which the trooper believed to be narcotics, and proceeded to lead law enforcement on a chase along Highway 105 and, at times, through residential areas. Speeds reached upwards of 70 mph.

Taylor eventually left his vehicle in a residential area, but finally gave up his chase in a pasture. By this time, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell and a Navasota police officer had joined the trooper in the chase.

Taylor is charged with evading arrest and reckless driving. He had previously been arrested for evading police.

Investigators searched the area where Taylor threw out the objects and were unable to find anything. Sowell says it is likely the substance dispursed into the air between the time it was thrown out and when investigators showed up.