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Drunk Driving PSAs Are Effective

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While law enforcement will be watching for those who drink and drive, this year they've been more proactive with their warnings.

As we approach New Year's weekend, public service announcements are hitting the airwaves to try and prevent drinking and driving this holiday, but instead of just stats, PSAs are now tying in personal stories to send out the message.

Trooper Eddie Carmon with the Texas Department of Public Safety says, "Having them tell the story, someone seeing it, looking at the TV and realizing that could be me."

Texas ranks first in the nation of drunk driving related fatalities. These PSAs are usually not paid for, but a local volunteer council has taken the reigns and added some money to make sure the messages are aired, especially during the holidays where more people are out on the road and likely to drink.

"We try to pump up our campaign to try and make everyone more aware. Let them know that it’s dangerous and it may cost a life or their own," says Brenda Putz, president of the Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council.

Because of her profession, Brenda sees the results of drunk driving accidents, but for her, the topic has an even deeper meaning, one that goes beyond the ER.

Putz adds, "I lost a sister-in-law to a drunk driving accident. My brother and his children were affected for years. Rehab took years and their lives were changed."

Brenda just hopes because of someone else's loss, those who are out drinking will think twice before getting behind the wheel.

"If you drink, don't drive. Make a phone call and call for a ride."

These words could save lives and assure that you're around to ring in the new year.