Brenham Daycare Raises Money for Tsunami Survivors

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The playground at the Toy Box Daycare in Brenham is quiet, no children in site. A far cry from South Asia, where residents are picking up the pieces from last weekend's deadly tidal wave.

But, it's the disaster that's keeping the children from their afternoon routine. They hope the money they raise selling cookies will help, even just a few of the survivors.

"There's a lot of babies in there and they fell in the water and the water is really really fast," said 3-year-old Azaan Jamal.

Jamal has seen the images of destruction. His mother Nikki has family in Madras and Sri Lanka.

"We had to sit down and talk to the kids and tell them how these kids have been lost in the ocean, how these parents are crying because they're looking for their children and that's when the kids turned around and said what are we doing to help," said Nikki.

At a dollar a bag of cookies, the kids hope to make some kind of impact. Azaan's reason for helping survivors is, "So their mom and dad can buy them lots of things," said Azaan.

"When you see something like this you just feel so helpless and that's just the goal, to teach the kids to try to make a difference even if it is just a little bit," said daycare owner Kristie Shields.

The kids think they've raised only a few hundred dollars, but every little bit helps for the families overseas who've lost everything.

The daycare plans on asking the Indian Consulate to come to Brenham and pick up the raised money. Donations will be accepted until next week.