One-of-a-Kind Texas Snowball for Sale

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas -- A Texas A&M University student from Brownsville has put a rare Rio Grande Valley snowball up for auction on the Internet.

Oscar J. Garza is a geography student at A&M. He listed the two-to-three-pound snowball on the e-Bay Web auction site last Wednesday and will take bids on it through Saturday. Garza tells The Brownsville Herald that he made the snowball Christmas Day while visiting his parents for the holidays in Brownsville. The inch-and-a-half overnight snowfall was the first recorded in Brownsville in 109 years.

The snow salesman said the recent snowfall is so historic that if no one buys the ball he might offer it to a museum. The starting bid is one dollar, plus a $20 shipping charge.

Several people are auctioning specimens of the historic South Texas snow on e-Bay. One person is auctioning a large bowl of snow for a starting bid of $250,000.