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School Uniforms

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Many private schools have worn uniforms for years. Now some public schools are considering them as well.

"The uniforms equal the playing field for the student. There's no competition as far as dress. The kids look just a like," said LaTreace Craig, Milam Elementary Principal.

Pre-K through 5th graders at Milam and Jones Elementary in Bryan have worn school uniforms for nearly 10 years. Craig says uniforms have worked out well for the school.

"We have seen the number of discipline referrals decrease based on the students wearing the uniforms. It's very cost effective for parents," said Craig.

These are the same reasons Hempstead's school district is considering going with a standardize dress code for elementary and middle school students.

"Another reason might be, as the city moves out this way and we get some different influences, it eliminates things like gang colors and that type of behavior," said Hempstead ISD Superintendent, Mona Chadwick.

The district held a public forum last week and will send out surveys to see what parents and the community think about school uniforms. So far the reaction has been mixed.

"We did get strong opinions one way or another. About 1/3 felt very strong that we should not do that and 2/3 felt like we should," said Chadwick.

Hempstead's school district hopes to get overwhelming support from the community before switching to school uniforms and if that happens they may even consider uniforms at the high school in the future.

Chadwick says she would eventually like to see uniforms district-wide. She hopes the elementary and middle school students, as well and schools like Milam and Jones will act as a model for the district as a whole.