TxDot Wants Public Input About the Trans-Texas Corridor

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The Trans-Texas Corridor is still years from reality, but engineers said they're making progress.

TxDoT held a public meeting in Bryan Tuesday night about the project. The meeting is one of 47 planned throughout the study area to gather comments on the proposed locations for the corridor.

Burleson County's judge is requesting a meeting be held in Caldwell since one proposed location goes straight through the city.

"The concerns that we have are where the exits would be if this route is one of the chosen routes. Where crossovers will be, how would we get school buses from one side of this 1200 foot highway or ambulances or fire trucks and so these are all answers that we would have to have," said Burleson County Judge Mike Sutherland.

Engineers expect to know more once an environmental study is completed in a little over a year.