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RID Week

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According to a college alcohol study conducted by Harvard, 1 in 5 students engage in frequent, heavy drinking. A new group at Sam Houston State University wants to reverse that trend. They're charged with promoting alcohol abuse awareness.

According to a recent survey, college and university president's nationwide say alcohol abuse is one of the top problems on campus.

Sam Houston State president, James Gaertner, feels the same way. So he appointed a group of students and staff to find ways to address the problem. The group is called Alcohol Abuse Initiative.

"We have 2 goals, one is to reduce alcohol consumption among our students and the other is to coordinate activities among the whole campus," said Michelle Lovering, with Alcohol Abuse Initiative.

The group's message is being well received by some students. Freshman Anne Christianson says the issue of drinking and driving hits close to home.

" I had a friend in high school that got in a very bad car wreck and they thought he was going to die. He had to have a lot of stitches, his ribs were all cracked. And I think when that happened, it really made me more aware of how dangerous it can be when you think you're O.K to drive," said Christianson.

Since August of last year, University Police have made 105 arrests on campus for alcohol violations. Many were minors in possession. Christianson says she hopes more students will realize they don't need alcohol to have fun.

"There's such easy access to alcohol. Being able to get it every night through friends or older people, with all the bars and clubs around. You really have to look at yourself and do things responsibly," said Christianson.

The Alcohol Abuse Initiative is hosting RID week, which stands for Reducing Irresponsible Drinking. The idea is to educate more students, before it's too late.