College Station Re-development

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College Station has new restaurants, businesses and retailers opening their doors.

But it may what the city already has that is the focus of new growth. College Station development is gaining momentum, with no sign of slowing down.

"In 2004, we did have a very strong development year, especially in our commercial sector. We're looking for next year to be pretty commensurate to last year as far as commercial development goes," says College Station Development Director Kim Foutz.

The Artic Wolf Ice Arena will open in April and Foutz says one well-known restaurant is looking to locate in that area. The name hasn't been released but negotiations are underway. And a host of new restaurants, hotels and retailers are already breaking ground.

Foutz says the most significant capital investment this year will be the Game Day Centers Condos. The $20 million project will begin construction around the end of the year and includes residential and commercial development.

Bringing in new restaurants and stores is not College Station's only priority. They also want to redevelop the businesses they already have.

"We have a very strong interest in redevelopment. It keeps us vibrant," says Foutz.

Bryan residents say they don't mind the drive to get to College Station's remodeled shopping centers.

"I shop in College Station a lot and I'm very happy to see all the redevelopment," says Bryan Resident Elaine Waggoner.

"It's nice to have. For us to grow a little bit," says Bryan Resident Debbie Smith.

But it's just the beginning for College Station, whose buying power is attracting the businesses the city is seeking.

More development in College Station:

Game Day Centers: 120 units, 10,000 square feet in retail. Land closing: June Construction: December.

Artic Wolf Ice Arena: Currently under construction. Opens in April.

Wolf Penn Creek: More restaurants and retail shopping.

University Place: 100,000 square feet of restaurants and retail.

Greens Prairie: 300,000 square feet, mix of retail including grocery store, bank, restaurant, and other service stores.

City initiatives and focus continue to be on:
1) Special Districts -- Northgate and Wolf Penn Creek
2) Facilitating redevelopment projects
3) Class "A" business center -- Spring Creek Corporate Campus