Local Sri Lanka Family Holds on to Hope

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Daya Rathnayaka has been waiting to hear word if his family in Sri Lanka is alive and well after last week’s Tsunami disaster.

"We hope we get a message soon that they're okay," Daya says.

With absolutely no contact with loved ones since the event, the Rathnayaka family is worried but is trying to stay optimistic. Daya's family lives in a small town just a few miles from the shore that's been destroyed. It's a tight-knit family that remains that way despite the distance.

"There are times when you don't know what to do because we are very close to our families," says wife, Yasa Rathnayaka.

While uncertainty remains over Daya's loved ones, the family did get some good news to cling to.

"About four days ago, I contacted my sister’s phone and I was connected when I said hello. I asked how they were doing; within a minute we got disconnected," Yasa adds.

The family visits Sri Lanka every other summer since leaving 22 years ago. They were in disbelief when their homeland was struck this unbelievable catastrophe.

Thilini Rathnayaka, daughter says, "We walked on the same beaches that were completely destroyed and sometimes I just think what if we would have been there; we wouldn't have known what was going on."

More than 30,000 people have been killed in Sri Lanka alone, and for the Rathnayaka family, they're holding on to hope that all of their loved ones have somehow managed to escape the deadly disaster.