Madison County Revamping Inmate Work Crew Policies

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A handful of Madison County inmates are selected as trustees and placed on a work crew. The group does everything from keeping up the deputies cruisers to community clean-up. But, recently Madison County Sheriff Dan Douget realized not all trustees can be trusted.

Last month, an 18 year old trustee slipped out of sight.

"It makes me apprehensive because ultimately I'm responsible for these people and that doesn't say much for the safety of people and their properties if these people are turned loose," said Douget.

The police report shows that inmate Brian Donald broke into the Department of Public Safety office in Madisonville. He searched around and found some marijuana that was waiting to go to a lab. He took it and shared it with his buddies.

Brian Donald is charged with tampering with evidence and burglary of a building. The inmates he shared the drugs with, David Jerome and David Benes face drug possession charges.

After the incident, Sheriff Douget and County Judge Cecil Neely temporarily suspended the work crew so they can revamp the rules. Douget and Neely are considering limiting the crew to 4 men to make them easier to supervise. They want to change how trustees are selected and what jobs they're allowed to do.

"Where somebody is working on the roof, when it's raining and theres a leak up there, the other person would have to come inside and it's very difficult to watch one on the roof and one inside so we're going to be a little more specific on the responsibilities we give them," said Neely.

The goal is to get trustees working again as soon as possible. Judge Neely said they save the county nearly $100,000 a year.