Martha Stewart Released from Prison

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Martha Stewart is back at her one hundred fifty-three acre New York estate after serving five months in a West Virginia prison for lying about a stock sale.

Her plane landed at Westchester County Airport about two hours after she left prison in Alderson, West Virginia Thursday night. She was whisked away by a motorcade of two cars bound for her estate. She has to report to a probation officer and remain under house arrest for the next five months. But she can leave for work forty-eight hours a week.

Stewart's new focus will be to rebuild her homemaking empire. A
statement on her Web site calls her jail experience "life altering and life affirming."

About a-half mile from the prison, a cardboard sign said, "Goodbye Martha. From fans and friends in Alderson, West Virginia."

Now that Martha Stewart is out of prison and back home, she sets her sites on rebuilding her image.

Stewart will be able to leave her compound for up to 48 hours a week for work. That includes her version of the hit reality T-V show "The Apprentice" and continuing her role as creative talent for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She also will star in a revival of her homemaking show, and her company will resume paying her $900 thousand a year salary.

In the process, Stewart hopes to turn around the fortunes of her

In 2004, the company suffered a loss and its revenues sagged, but the stock price rose considerably during her prison stint as investors bet on a Martha comeback.

But some experts are taking a wait and see approach. Gary McDaniel, a stock analyst at Standard and Poors, says the price of Stewart's stock isn't supported by the company's prospects.