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Bush 41 Talks About His South Asia Trip

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Former President George Bush gave Bryan/College Station a sneak peak at his trip to South Asia.

Nearly two months ago, President Bush selected his father and former President Bill Clinton to lead a nation-wide fundraising effort for tsunami victims.

At the George Bush Presidential Library Friday afternoon, Bush Sr. along with three colleagues, shared video and photos from his trip to the tsunami-ravaged land. Bush and Clinton took time to study the emotional impact the disaster had on survivors, especially children. Bush showed how kids drew drawings for therapy.

Referring to a drawing, Bush said, "This young girl handed me this and I think she told me that that is her mother drowning out there on the right and you can just see that this is therapy to get it out and discuss it. It was really...I just broke up when I saw that thing."

Bush also talked about the important of tourism to that area as a way to help if you can't make monetary donations.

Bush and Clinton will report to President Bush about the trip on Tuesday.