Shelter Awarded Seized Horses

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A Brazos County Judge had the final say Friday in a week-long controversy over animal cruelty.

All nine horses seized by the Brazos Animal Shelter two weeks ago will not be returned to their owner, Dr. Jim Sourses.

Judge Ray Truelove said the putrid and cramped conditions were in fact cruel.

The defense attorney said the state did not have the evidence to prove it and the conditions were typical for a ranch after a blowing rain the night before the seizure.

Earlier this week, the county took away seizure authority from the shelter because commissioners thought the seizure was an abuse of power.

In a statement the shelter says it views the ruling as a vote of confidence in our ability to recognize and combat animal cruelty in Brazos County.

And the decision affirms our 100 percent success record in indentifying cases of animal abuse and neglect.

There is no appeal to the decision.