Legislature Could Take Away Earmarked A&M Millions

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News 3 has learned of an effort underway in Austin to take some $20 million away from Texas A&M. If successful, students could, at worst, get hit with yet another tuition increase.

The money was earmarked for the university's faculty enhancement program last legislative session. We're told A&M was counting on the $10 million-a-year from now on. However, the chairman of appropriations says the money was a one-time funding.

When contacted, State Representative Fred Brown told us, "It appears A&M was singled out." But he notes that it's still early in the legislative process and feels they can get the monies needed.

News 3 did receive a comment from A&M Presdient Robert Gates, who said, "As was the case two years ago, the budget process has frequent ups and downs and changes. What matters most is what comes out at the end of the process."

Gates went on to say that he's confident the legislature will be persuaded to support the faculty reinvestment program.