Bryan's Boot Camp Cut

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A program behind the walls of the women's Federal Prison Camp in Bryan will soon be gone. Officials got word Wednesday, the Intensive Confinement Center, a prison boot camp, will no longer exist at the facility thanks to budget cuts.

"Lets face it, we're gonna have to cut corners in a lot of places to balance budget. Some programs that focus on a small number of people are gonna be the first to be cut," says Dan Beto, Executive Director of the State's Correctional Management institute.

He says it makes sense that the program in the Bryan facility is the first on the chopping block. With about 975 inmates, the classes are given daily for six months, but only for certain offenders. While Beto says most boot camps aren't effective, the one in Bryan is an exception.

Beto adds, "In addition to teaching offenders discipline-it focused on building up their self esteem. Let's face it, most women in facility come from abusive relationships and have no self esteem."

Since it's beginnings in 1992, Bryan's boot camp has been different. While many programs focus on the educational and treatment component. Bryan's focused on teaching women to develop the skills that will insure their success one their released.

The program will be going away, the only question now is when, and why.