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B/CS Schools Raising Money for Tsunami Relief

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After brain storming for a few days, local school children have come up with some creative ideas to help with tsunami relief efforts. Both Bryan and College Station's school districts are raising money for the cause.

As victims of the tsunami disaster are slowing trying to piece their lives and their towns back together, many local school children are eager to respond to the call for help. So much so that both Bryan and College Station schools are hosting district wide fund raisers.

“I think it's really a wonderful experience because all the people, they're upset. It's just a really sad experience and I'm glad we can help," said Cypress Grove 5th grader, Sara Landreneau.

Fifth and 6th graders at Cypress Grove in College Station are lending a helping hand- literally. For each dollar donated by a student, there is a paper cutout hand with their name on it.

The goal is to get enough hands to fill an entire hallway. A total of $300 has already been raised in just two days.

"The parents have volunteered to come and sell the hands in the morning and during lunch. The kids are robbing their piggy banks and bringing in handfuls of change and so the support has just been tremendous," said Cypress Grove teacher, Lesa Colson.

Bryan ISD has turned its fundraising into a friendly competition. The principal at the school that collects the most money has to dress up as Elvis for a day.

Bryan High gave an old idea a new twist. Tsunami relief wrist bands will be sold for $2 a piece. Five-thousand wristbands have been ordered.

“I think it's kind of a hot, trendy thing to have these wristbands. It's also a little keepsake for our students or anyone who purchases one," said Hammond-Oliver principal, Judy Hughson.

Adult residents in the Brazos Valley are known for their generous and giving spirits and it seems the children are following their lead.

Just call or visit any school campus if you'd like to help.