A Light in the Future of Austin's Colony?

Pleading, pressuring and a little pestering may finally pay off for one Bryan subdivision. Residents of Austin's Colony have been begging for a traffic signal for years. Now there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Texas Department of Transportation said Wednesday it will conduct one more traffic count - next Tuesday - at the intersection of FM 158 and Austin's Colony Parkway. Engineers want to wait until Blinn students are back before taking a final count.

Tex Dot spokesman Bob Colwell says the findings and a recommendation will be made to the city of Bryan which will then decide if a traffic signal is warranted.

The intersection has been a sore subject for Austin's Colony residents since the subdivision was built. It's the only way in and out of the neighborhood which has led to growing traffic problems. Residents have been actively vocal about the congestion which they say gets especially bad during peak travel times when school is in session.

No word on when the city will make a final decision.