Lucky's Rod Run Continues

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A blast from the past seemed to be on every corner of South College Avenue in Bryan. Hot Rods and classics from the 40s, 60s, and the 21st century, all on exhibit during the 19th annual Lucky's Rod Run.

All the participants were following the lead of the person who drove a 1940 Ford Coupe, the event's namesake, William Lucky from Conroe.

"The first year we had talked to some people and I think there were 15 cars", Lucky said.

To his surprise, Lucky says the initial gathering of 15 cars has expanded to at least 500 cars and trucks.

"We couldn't believe it, that as the event turned even 10 years, that people were going to flock to this thing like this," Lucky said.

Among the hundreds who made it out on Sunday, many may be unaware that Lucky's Rod Run got started almost 20 years ago because Lucky and a friend stopped for something to eat at the Chicken Oil Company.

"We saw what the memorabilia and everything in the Chicken Oil Company and we decided well, this would be a neat place for all the car people to come to," Lucky said.

Car people from as far as Galveston come out to the annual car show which happens to have a special twist.

"We don't do any awards, not trophies, no nothing," Lucky said. "That's what's so unique about it."

A veteran participant from Livingston, Don Holy, has attend the car show for five years. He says competition would just get in the way of car enthusiasts admiring each others restoration and creative talents.

"There's a lot of companionship," Holy said. "There's good food and it always has nice cars."

The Moravec family attended the event for the first time this year and say they will be back next year.

"It's just a friendly atmosphere," Amy Moravec said. "A man let my small son get into one of his trucks. The kids get to see all the different older vehicles and it's really enjoyable."