Education Bill Debate Gets Intense

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The state House today approved limits on school district superintendents' pay.

The vote came as lawmakers resumed debate on a sweeping public
education financing overhaul.

The provision would limit a superintendent's pay to four times the salary of the district's highest-paid teacher.

Late last night, the House approved an across-the-board, $3,000 dollar teacher pay raise as they continued to lay the bricks of a new school finance system.

Democrats called the move an unfunded political maneuver.
The House education overhaul bill has been opposed by every major education group in Texas. The legislation would add about $1.5 billion dollars a year to public schools over the next two years. That amounts to an average of a five percent increase to every school district.

Lawmakers are debating more than 100 amendments to the bill.
Among the provisions some want added are: more money for mileage
costs of busing students to school, and increased funds to educate
bilingual students and potential dropouts.