Convicted TX Criminals Lose High Court Appeals

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WASHINGTON -- Two condemned Texas prisoners lost appeals Monday before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Justices declined to review the San Antonio case of Kevin Watts.

Watts sent to death row for the execution-style slayings of three employees during a $100 holdup at the Sam Won Garden restaurant in 2002.

The victims were Hak Po Kim, who was the son of the Korean restaurant owner, and two cooks -- Yuan Tzu Banks and Chae Sun Shook.

The high court also refused the case of Denard Manns.

Manns was sentenced to die by a Bell County jury for the 1998 fatal shooting of an Army medic at her home in Killeen.

Christine Robson was attacked at her apartment and robbed.

Evidence showed New York parolee Manns was living with relatives two doors down from Robson. There was no sign of forced entry into Robson's apartment, leaving authorities to believe she knew her attacker.