Colorado Authorities Raid Home to Treat Bruised Child

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NEW CASTLE, Colo. (AP) - Law enforcement officials in Colorado are facing criticism for raiding a home to take a child to the hospital for what turned out to be a minor head injury.

A response team raided the home Friday night, a day after the child fell after grabbing the handle of a moving car.

The child's father had told paramedics that he could treat his son on his own because he served as a medic in Vietnam.

Caseworkers who later visited the family reported seeing injuries including a "huge hematoma" and a sluggish pupil, and asked a judge for a search warrant and order for medical treatment.

According to a copy of the child's patient aftercare instructions, a doctor after the raid recommended that the child simply be giving fluids, Tylenol and ice to treat his bruises.

County officials aren't discussing the specific case, but say sometimes court orders are necessary to give children proper medical treatment.