Grimes County Jury Hears Multi-million Dollar Civil Trial

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Interstate Southwest forging company in Navasota, now known as Citation Navasota is claiming fraud, after being blamed for supplying faulty crankshafts to put on airplane engines. The defendant, Pennsylvania based Textron Lycoming of Avco Corp installs the crankshafts produced in Navasota.

The lawsuit stems from failures in the crankshafts that date back to 1999. In one year alone, Lycoming saw 21 engine failures due to what they say, were faulty crankshafts.

Testimony continued Friday in an Anderson courtroom. Attorneys for Lycoming wouldn't comment, but an attorney for the Plantiff, in an off camera interview, said Lycoming ruined the Navasota company's reputation by saying they overheated the crankshafts during production.

Interstate Southwest contends Lycoming added a chemical called vanadium to the crankshafts that caused them to fail.

The Navasota based company can receive up to $180 million in damages if they win the case.