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Redesigned SAT Test Debuts

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The new, redesigned SAT test debuts this Saturday. Some students say they're ready to face the new challenges, while others are a little worried.

Some parents may consider enrolling their kids in an SAT Prep course if all doesn't go well for the first batch of students taking the new test this year.

Sylvan Learning Center in College Station is already busy helping high schoolers prepare. The test is 45 minutes longer and the math is more difficult. The biggest change is the addition of an argumentative essay. Something many students need extra help with.

“We’re going to be writing passages, we're going to be editing. We're going through the process for writing essays so that these kids feel comfortable," said Anthonette Ruffino, Executive Director at Sylvan Learning Center

Some students believe the essay will actually help their chances of getting a high score.

" I think it will be better than the old SAT because it does have that essay so the graders will have a better understanding of the students and how they can express their ideas," said Amy Cacho-Negrete, a Bryan High Junior.

While others are constantly preparing, yet still worried about the outcome.

“I’ve definitely been taking some practice tests and it's really grueling, it's very hard. The biggest concern of mine is the essay," said Stephen Fort, a Bryan High Senior.

Students will have 25 minutes to write their essays and two graders will give the final score. Later on, students will be able to view comments and feedback for their papers on the web. This may help if someone decides to take the test over and try for a higher score. But that could get expensive because the price of the test has doubled to $41.50.

“I’m definitely worried about it because it is a big step to take and I have no idea what it's going to be like and what's going to happen. I just hope I do well so I don't have to take it again,” said Fort.