First BCS Marathon Finishes Strong

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Hundreds of people are recovering tonight after participating in the very first Atkinson Toyota Bryan College Station Marathon and Half Marathon.

Runners from across the state took off on their journey through the streets of Bryan, College Station, and Texas A&M University.

There were over 500 volunteers.

"People that you wouldn't even realize have anything to do with a race like this. People that were up all night setting up the start and finish line. It wouldn't be done without such a community effort," said Chris Field, the race director.

After one hour and 19 minutes, the first runner finished the half marathon. Not long after the very first full marathon runner crossed the finish line.

"If you can get from the start to the finish, it's worth appreciating. I'm glad to have done that without any issues," said Drew Bean who finished first for the marathon.

"Success is a journey and not a destination, and I firmly believe that. This is just one step along that journey for me. I'm sure it was for a lot of people out there," said Bean.

In fact, the journey is something many participants are looking forward to sign-up for next year.

Organizers say about $90,000 was raised for the Mercy Project and Still Creek Ranch, two local non-profit organizations.