UT System Regents Approve Tuition Increases

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University of Texas System regents today approved tuition increases at several campuses.

The hikes came despite warnings from lawmakers about rising tuition costs, and the threat of the loss of some state funding.

Many students at UT Austin will see their tuition increase about 4.75 percent.

Regents also allowed the system's flagship university to enact a flat-rate tuition based on 14 semester credit hours.
The school originally had proposed a flat-rate based on 15 semester credit hours.

Under the flat rate of 14 hours, students who take 15 credit hours a semester will actually see a one percent decrease in their tuition. Students who take less than 15 hours, would see an increase, he said.

Flat-rate tuition is meant to encourage students to take more classes each semester and graduate on time.

Among the other increases approved today were a 12.8 percent increase in tuition and fees for UT Brownsville and a 10.3 percent increase for UT Pan American.