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Burleson County Jail Expansion

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Three years and two sheriffs later, the Burleson County Jail is finally complete.

It's the solution to overcrowding that has cost taxpayers thousands of dollars a year.

"It's been a long time coming, and a long time needed," says Sheriff Dale Stroud.

The $1.3 million jail expansion will finally give Burleson County the room it needs.

Sheriff Stroud says the facility will be able to house more than twice as many inmates.

"It's financially exciting because now we can bring people home without having to house them outside of the county," says Stroud.

For years, the sheriff's department has paid Washington County between $10,000 and nearly $30,000 a month to house inmates.

Sheriff Stroud says a growing population has overcrowded the jail, but not anymore.

If the county can operate below capacity they could start housing inmates from other counties to make some money themselves.

"Maybe we can take some of the benefit we've been giving out in the past," says Stroud.

Washington County's agreement to house inmates from neighboring counties has been a financial success.

"We're not losing any money we're actually making money off of it and helping out neighboring counties," says Lt. Alan Runge.

The new jail will be ready for move-in in about a week.

Opening the door to improvement, well worth the wait and the money the may follow.