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Reserve Officers Offer a Different Outlook to Protecting the Streets

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They're a group of officers who bring a unique aspect to protecting the streets. They are community members that range from all different ages and backgrounds.

Jim Stuart, Manager of the Bryan Reserve Officers says, "When we have power failures in the city of Bryan and traffic lights are out, the call goes out and our officers show up to work traffic throughout our community."

The Bryan Police Reserve Officer Program consists of fully trained and qualified police officers who work on a volunteer basis. Bryan has about 15 reserve officers whose duties range from parade escorts to patrol.

The officers in the program do this solely as an opportunity to serve their community.

"I thought well, that would be a nice way to give back to the community for everything I’ve gained here," says Oran Jones, a Reserve Officer.

Jones, who retired from Texas A&M was sworn in last week as the newest officer in the reserve program. But this isn't new to him...after returning home from his military duty in 1991, Jones joined the program.

More than a decade later, he made a move to College Station PD as the department's quartermaster, and now he's back.

"Really looking forward to getting back into the program and going out with some these young guys. And bring a bit of wisdom if you will,” says Jones.

The reserve program attracts all people who have a certain fascination that goes along with being a police officer.