Fake Aggie Diplomas and Transcripts Sold in Washington

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Graduation is the day that most Aggies wait for their entire collegiate life.

It's a time when years of hard work are reflected on a very important piece of paper.

"The Texas A&M diploma is one of the most valuable diplomas a student could get," Texas A&M Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs Paul Meyer said.

Apparently, others appreciate the value of the A&M diploma as well.

A federal investigation underway in Spokane, Washington is now looking at a diploma mill which is believed to have sold counterfeit degrees and transcripts from several universities; including George Washington University, the University of Tennessee, and Texas A&M.

"Generally when people do fraudulent diplomas like this they don't get away with it," Meyer said. "Most of the authorities who looked into this are at the state and federal level."

A&M officials say it's fairly common for this type of fraud to occur, and they say computer technology has made producing the look-a-likes much easier.

What isn't so simple is passing the documents off.

"Almost any good job through the university or government, or major company, the employer is going to ask for official transcripts from the institution from which the student graduated," Meyer said.

Meyer added the diploma duds have been anything but troublesome for school officials.

"It's not a bad thing, it's kind of a mark of the value of the university that somebody would be counterfeiting diplomas from A&M," Meyer said. "I think people were a little amused, but not concerned."