Senior Tax Freeze Election on CS's Horizon?

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The counting continues when it comes to a potential senior tax freeze in College Station.

The staff at the city secretary's office are working to certify a petition from numerous residents. If approved, an election would be held in May.

Counting could be complete as early as Friday.

Bryan voters recently overwhelmingly approved a tax freeze of their own for seniors there.

At Thursday night's city council meeting, a schedule of public hearings on future annexation was approved. Those hearings will take place January 24 and 29.

The council would then get to vote at the end of February on a new annexation ordinance, which would eventually bring about 3,200 acres of new property into the city limits.

That includes a major plot of land to the south of the current city limits on Highway 6 that could pull in a projected $2.3 million in annual revenues according to city staff.

Also, the council asked city staff members to look into strengthening the guidelines for protecting and planting trees in new developments. Potential steps the staff will examine are incentives to landowners for keeping existing trees, along with differing standards for tree species.