Local Soldier Says Thanks to College Station

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Sgt. Mark Michel returned home from Iraq recently, but the City of College Station was never too far from his heart.

The soldier made a special presentation at Thursday's city council meeting because of support he and his fellow troops received from the city.

While he was deployed to the Middle East, city staff members led by Anne Boykin made up care packages for Michel and his colleagues.

Michel presented the city and its staff with a flag flown by his platoon in Iraq, along with certificates of appreciation for their help from the homefront.

The sergeant says he would get care packages from people he knew, but that the College Station packages were different.

"This is one of the few regular care packages I would get from, basically, strangers, and it's just a little bit different when you get a package from a stranger compared to someone that you know because they don't have to do it, so it's a little bit extra special, I guess," Michel said.