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Renovation Begins On Hearne Depot

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Hearne has long been the crossroads of Texas.

And one of the major stops was its depot that is now the center of a restoration project.

The Hearne Depot was larger than life...for Grady and Lillian Griffin, it was their life.

"We used to come down here to the train station. We lived down here when we were kids. Did you ever put a penny on the track? OH YEAH," says Grady Griffin.

Grady was a switchman, Lillian a telegrapher for over 30 years.

"I stayed inside a whole lot because the men did the outside work but I took care of business," says Lillian Griffin.

The depot was the center of life in Hearne. Children played here, generations of families worked here. For some, it brings back many memories.

"It's fascinating once you get it in your blood because you have ups and downs like anywhere else," says Grady Griffin.

Kathy Stracener has been a part of the restoration project for 25 years.

In the 90s federal grants were secured, but not until a couple of years ago was the depot moved to city owned land.

Then the real work began.

"As we get more funds, we're going to reconstruct the rail road tracks in front of it so it will look just like it did before we moved it," says Stracener.

The ground breaking is just the beginning.

Once completed, the depot will become a museum and tourism center.

The perfect compliment to a town rich in history and a favorite stop for many.