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NIT Brings Brazos Valley Business

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Aggies are loading up on tickets for the big National Invitation Tournament this week. Barry Biggar with the Convention and Visitors Bureau says with the NIT in town that means big business for Bryan-College Station.

"As a result of having the NIT here--we will have the visiting teams, we will also have their fan base and we will also have a variety of media here covering the actual tournament," says Biggar.

Spring Break is usually a slow time for local businesses but the tournament is giving the community a financial shot in the arm.

As the basketball players are getting ready to play, Reed Arena is getting ready for the big crowds and expecting about 11,000 plus to attend Wednesday's double header.

Carroll Albritton with Reed Arena says, "We're kind of ready for the big crowds but there's an edge to it that we really like and that's the NIT. We brought extra people in to do other things, but we're getting ready and almost there. We're waiting for the practices to start, tomorrow is the shoot around--then 5 o'clock BAM we're off and running."

The true benefit is the amount of exposure and focus that will be in the Brazos Valley. And of course, seeing the Aggie basketball teams advance in the tournament and win.