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Robbery In Progress: What Do You Do?

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College Station police are looking for the suspects of an attempted robbery last night.

The victim walked away with only minor injuries but what if you found yourself in a similar situation?

Would you know what to do?

Tuesday night's mugging came as a complete shock to CiCi's Store Manager Rick Villarreal.

"This area is generally safe. We've been here almost nine years and never had a problem," says Villarreal.

A College Station man was jumped outside of the pizza restaurant while walking home from work around 9 o'clock.

The victim told police a black man and a hispanic man got out of a grey Ford Mustang and demanded all his money.

He didn't have any, so the men beat him up.

"We were just freaked out about what was going on so late at night," says Sally Beauty Supply Store Manager Christena Thurman.

There were nineteen robberies in College Station last year, and one hundred in Bryan.

While most weren't what police call strong-armed robberies, where the perpetrator approaches a person and demands something, it can still be life-threatening.

"If he fought, he could have been hurt or possibly killed," says College Station Police Detective Robert Wilson.

Police say the victim did everything right by not fighting back and being truthful about not having any money. But police also say every situation is different.

"Anytime you can just give them what they want and not escalate the situation, you'll be better off," says Wilson.

But what if the situation does escalate, and they try to put you in a car?

Police say fight back, because you should never get into the vehicle.

"If you're in a public place cry out. Somebody else will see it. The person is not going to want to be seen by everybody. He's going to want to get away at that point," says Wilson.

And during the robbery, try to make eye contact.

"You should always be alert to your surroundings. If you see someone coming up behind you or somebody that you don't know just be careful. Make eye contact with them and let them know that you see their face," says Wilson.

Bryan Police have solved nearly 20 percent of the one hundred robberies reported in the city.

College Station Police have solved more than 60 percent of their 19 robberies.

Both Bryan and College Station agree a good description is key in catching a criminal.

If you have any information about last night's attempted robbery, call College Station Police 764-3600.