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Buffalo High School Receives "Best of the Best" Honor

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Students at Buffalo High School have dedicated the past few years to making their school yearbook the best. All the hard work and dedication paid off when they were recently named "Best of the Best" by Lifetouch Publishing.

Jami Oliver, Senior Editor says, "We have put so much work into that book--we spent so many hours and several people on staff spent several hours last summer up here working on little things that obviously made a big difference."

They were up against thousands of yearbooks nationwide. And in years past, they've been in the top 10 and honorable mention...but this is the first year, the publishing company has named one top winner.

"They handle everything from putting out a monthly newspaper, to putting out the yearbook to starting this broadcast program that just got up and running in the last few months. Then they have to do a lot of fundraising on top of that," says Melonie Menefee, Journalism Advisor at Buffalo High School.

These students are constantly looking for ways to make their yearbook better. One unique part of the book is its page numbers...where students posed with a number, or used shots of road signs. Proving a little extra work goes a long way.

Katee Pate, Assistant Yearbook Editor says "That was kind of our award, our satisfaction was ours, what we did, we worked to get that award."

Over the years, the 13 person staff has developed character by dedicating their time to getting it right. Some are even taking what they've learned in the classroom into their future.

"To have students additionally not just want to go into teaching but to want to teach journalism, there's not a better reward than that, to have several students on one staff like I do, juniors and seniors who are changing what they thought was their lifelong plans because they want to incorporate some aspect of journalism in that it makes you know you've done your job," says Menefee.