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Movie Rating System

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The movie going experience has changed dramatically over the past decade and so has the movie rating system. That's what has some parents worried.

A trip to the movies these days could leave families feeling a little uncomfortable. Many movie critics and parent groups believe the rating system has become too lenient, giving movies with violent and sexually oriented themes a rating that's not age appropriate.

' I think that through the years the border of acceptance has been pushed back a little more and a little more on television and in moves and I think that PG-13 now is a lot different now than what it was when I was 13," said Annette Lund, a mother of three.

“When our children where little, when you went to a movie, you knew there wasn't going to be any surprises. Where as today, you have surprises in a movie and sometimes you're having to explain things to children," said Ann Medlin, a Grandmother.

The Motion Picture Association is responsible for movie ratings. A board looks at criteria such as language, violence, sex, and drug use to reach a decision on a rating.

Jim Butler reviewed movies for the Bryan/ College Station Eagle for nearly 20 years. He says the rating board is keeping up with the times.

“The movies have had to keep up with the changes in television, particularly changes in cable. Now-a-days anything goes on television," said Butler.

Parents shouldn't just solely rely on the movies rating. They should do some research and find out more about the movie's content before heading to the theater.

“I’m pretty up to date on what's going on and before I take them to the movies, I want to make sure the content is appropriate for them," said Joey Medlin, a mother of two.

“The best thing to do is go to the Internet and get all the info you can about a movie," said Butler.

There's not much a parent can do about a movie's rating. Determining whether it's age appropriate for a child is best left in the hands of a parent.