Two Vehicles Flip, Backing Up Traffic On Hwy 6

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Traffic was backed up for miles today on Highway 6 north, near the William Fitch exit, after two vehicles flipped. One of them was run over by an 18-wheeler.

The multi-vehicle accident happened when the driver in a Ford Taurus, trying to change lanes, came too close to a Jetta. The driver of the Jetta overcorrected after leaving the road, and flipped several times landing back on its wheels.

The Taurus driver slowed down once he saw the Jetta flipping in his rear-view mirror, and his car was then hit by an 18-wheeler.

The impact forced the car to flip, dragging it under the front of the big rig for about 30 yards before coming to a stop.

The person taken to the hospital does not have life-threatening injuries.