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Horse Rider Takes a Long Journey

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You may see an unusual sight on the highways over the next few months. One Georgia man is on a mission to support our nation's troops.

Forty-seven-year-old Stan Perdue is riding horseback from Georgia to Arizona. It's all in an effort to support U.S. troops. A retired Army veteran, Perdue says it's important to constantly let the troops know we appreciate what they're doing.

"Well I started out for my heart and soul and a couple of days into it, I decided to dedicate it to our troops. Our service men and women and their counterparts are paying and or risking the ultimate price with their life," said Purdue.

Perdue's traveling companions are three horses. Apache, Suzy Q, and Bancho, and a blue heeler named Bandit. Together the quintet have traveled over 1,000 miles relying on the kindness of strangers.

" The entire trip has been absolutely wonderful. The people have just been great. American Hospitality still exists. People have just taken me in," said Perdue.

Perdue is making his way through the Brazos Valley this week and made a new friend in the Brazos County community of Edge. Dee Ann Harris offered up a place for Perdue to stay until some rainy weather passed.

By coincidence, Harris' husband Mark, a contractor, had just left for Iraq to help rebuild hours before Perdue arrived.

"Just the coincident and prayer, I just though it was the right thing to do," said Harris.

Harris more than offered shelter for Perdue, she believes in what he's doing.

"He is an excellent person. We had great conversations about his travels," said Harris.

Perdue says he is not making the journey for recognition or fame, but he does like making new friends.

"It's just nice to go down the road and people wave at you and yell your name," said Perdue.

After leaving the Brazos Valley, Perdue plans to make a long stop in Austin. For more information on his journey go to the homepage and click on featured links.