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911 Call Center Gets New Additions

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Montgomery County's 911 call center is the focal point for responding to emergencies. A new addition is helping make it easier and more efficient. The computer aided dispatch or CAD software has been up and running since last week and has been a big hit so far.

Denise Jimenez, Communications Supervisor says, "This system will allow us to one keep our officers safer than before and there's of course obtaining the citizen what they need. And you're talking seconds compared to minutes."

One upgrade to their system is a map that can get an aerial shot of a location, intersection or building. For example if an officer is in pursuit and he can't find an address, the dispatcher can pull it up on the mapping system and get them there quickly.

With this new system they're able to pinpoint the exact location of the caller and know where the closest officer is in a matter of seconds.

Jennifer Kettler has worked for the county for 10 years and says this new system is the solution they were looking for.

"It has worked out incredibly well for us. It has been a lot faster system for us. It’s more organized then the prior system we had. I find it much easier to dispatch and get information from public and out to the officers in a very timely manner." says Kettler.

Dispatchers also can do away with paper; once they receive a call, it automatically goes in the computer, getting the officers there in faster time.