Bryan Shooting Reemphasizes Domestic Violence Dangers

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A Bryan incident has shed light on domestic violence.

John Mclean of Bryan allegedly shot his wife in the head with a BB gun about 6 p.m. Monday during a domestic dispute on Southside Drive.

Police are still investigating the incident.

"He was found in possession of a BB gun and additional BB's," Lesley Malinak with the Bryan Police Department said.

Mclean, 46, was arrested for public intoxication. The bullet only grazed his wife's head, according to authorities.

"Anytime you are a victim of family violence or know of a case of family violence, we urge you to please phone in, so that we can intervene because family violence is something that is not tolerated in Texas or Brazos County," Malinak said.

A phone call may have saved one College Station woman's life.

In June 2006, police believe Homero Cardenas shot his estranged wife, Jennifer, multiple times, then turned the gun on himself.

Jennifer was reportedly trying to end the relationship.

"Often times they don't know that they are worth more than they are getting in that relationship," Christi Corlette with Twin City Mission's Domestic Violence Services said.

Domestic violence is often considered a taboo subject. However, talking to someone could save your life or someone else's.

In 2007, Twin City Mission's Domestic Violence Services helped 937 Brazos Valley victims of domestic violence.

The numbers nationwide when it comes to violence are alarming. According to the United States Census Bureau, six to 12 percent of all women are abused in a given year, and 30 to 65 percent of all female homicides are related to domestic violence.

However, there are ways out. Experts say you are not alone and there is always someone to talk to.

If you need help or know of someone who does, contact Phoebe's Home, a center for victims of domestic violence, at (979) 823-2471.