Rudder High Nearing Completion

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Taking a look at the new Rudder High School now, it is hard to believe less than six months ago it was just a stack of beams and drywall. However, countless hours of hard work and hundreds of bricks later, the soon-to-be high school is nearing completion.

"The building is dried in, and they're working on the interior walls now and even starting some of the finishes, such as windows," Bryan ISD Executive Director for Planning and Operations Grady Slaydon said. "They have just made tremendous progress."

For more than thirty years all public school students in the area have piled into the hallways of Bryan High, but in the fall all that will change; as more than 700 students will find themselves the big fish in an even bigger pond.

"It's a large building, 300,000 square feet, it's a full quarter mile door to door along the main corridor," Slaydon said.

The $51 million project boasts two gymnasiums, a 650 person auditorium and a culinary arts training restaurant. All things school officials feel will set them apart from other schools.

"Every classroom will be wired into our network. The entire campus will be wireless and have wireless capabilities," Slaydon said. "Each classroom will have a multi-media presentations system in it with screens and projectors."

Rudder High is expected to be completed in late July.