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Fire Destroys Navasota Hotel

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Occupants of a Navasota hotel escaped an early morning blaze Sunday. Firefighters rushed to the Best Value Inn and Suites off of Highway 6 to battle a blaze that quickly engulfed the building.

The fire started just after 4 AM in a second floor cross-hallway where old mattresses were temporarily being stored. Investigators are still trying to figure out how the mattresses lit. The occupant of a nearby room called the front desk and reported the fire, and the clerk on duty quickly evacuated the building.

Of the hotel's nearly 80 rooms, 15 were occupied Sunday night according to investigators.

Firefighters from Navasota were joined by trucks from South Brazos County, Anderson, Montgomery County and Old Washington. By around 6 PM, the blaze had been contained. No firefighters were injured.

Hotel management would not comment on the fire. Investigators were told the mattresses were to be picked up by Twin City Mission in the next few days. The hotel had just bought new mattresses for their rooms, they said.