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Picking Up After All "Hail" Breaks Loose

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For many residents in the Southwood Valley part of College Station, Sunday was a cleanup day. Kathy Maddox came home Saturday night as the storm began to strike.

"I had the sense it was going to hail, so I parked on the other side under a tree because it always seems to protect my car," she said. "So I did that and ran in the house, and all hail broke loose."

Kathy picked up a few hail stones for posterity, and now, is picking up around her house. Undoubtedly, like many who were hit hard by the storms, she's got a little damage on the gutters, and her lawn's a bit messy.

"I've lived in College Station since 1982, and I've not seen hail like this in that time," Maddox said.

Reports had the Kroger parking lot on Rock Prairie Road as one of the hardest hit areas. It was also one of the busiest at the time, with people standing under an overhang for approximately an hour waiting for the storm to pass, although there were some that tried to brave the conditions to get their groceries home.

There a fresh crack in the windshield of one of the cars in that lot, along with those pesky pock marks. It just goes to prove even your friendly neighborhood meteorologist isn't immune to Mother Nature.

"Unfortunately, I took a little longer than I expected at Kroger, and so I was right in the Rock Prairie area, right in the middle of the storm," said Bob French, News 3's chief meteorologist and driver of the aforementioned vehicle. "It started hailing. There was no way I could get to the car.

"For the Southwood Valley area and Rock Prairie area, this is certainly the worst hail storm in this part of town in 15 years," he said.

Since the aftermath fell on a sunny Sunday, the big repairs will begin on what could be a messy Monday. But on this day, people like Kathy are thankful.

"I was surprised it wasn't as bad as what I'd feared," Maddox said. "I really anticipated having my windshield broken out. I came out last night, but it was so dark, it was hard to tell. But for the first time since I've been here, I've experienced pock marks on my car."

Unfortunately, it might not be the last time.

To check out viewers' pictures of Saturday's storms, you can head to the Weather page here at KBTX.com.