Brenham Marine Deserter Had Served Nearly a Decade

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A Brenham Marine who had gone AWOL is likely headed back to his last duty station to face disciplinary action.

According to the Marine Corps' public affairs office, Jason Stone served eight years in the reserves before entering the Corps in April 2007.

Records show the 27-year-old's last assignment was as a student in the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton, California.

In the majority of desertion cases, the Marine is returned to the unit from which they deserted to face whatever disciplinary action is deemed necessary. There are instances where they are taken to a different base.

Federal warrants are issued in cases where a service member is away from their duty station for more than 30 days.

Stone was alleged to have illegally dumped garbage on a neighbor's property, and a check on his name turned up that warrant.

Brenham authorities say Stone was a Brenham High graduate who was involved in the JROTC program.