Heating Unit to Blame for CS Bank Fire

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The cold weather may have contributed to a fire at the Wells Fargo bank in College Station.

It started in the attic about 8 a.m. Thursday and was quickly contained.

The bank was evacuated and only part of the attic was damaged.

"Employees arriving for work, when they entered the bank they had an odor of smoke and they started seeing a haze in the building," Bart Humphreys with the College Station Fire Department.

Fire officials say the blaze was caused by the heating system. They tell us, this is a common cause of fires in Texas.

So, what can you do to make sure a situation like this doesn't occur? Experts say make sure to have your heating and cooling system checked once a year.

"When a fan motor does go bad, it's a mechanical device and at some point it will get hot enough that it could possibly short and ignite the dirt or dust that's attached to the blower," Richard Benavides with Climate Masters said.

Experts also tell us to check air filters for debris and be aware of changes regarding your system.

"They'll start to smell it and it smells like you know a short in an electrical device it will usually start to put off a little bit of an odor before it actually goes out," Benavides said.

The weather roller-coaster ride in Texas makes these fires more common, because its either the air condition or heater running all the time.

That's why experts say follow the tips, to make sure this doesn't happen you.

Wells Fargo tells us the bank could re-open Friday. If you bank there and have any questions call 776-3404.