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Judge Won't Order Schiavo Tube Reinserted

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The federal judge who turned down an emergency request to reinsert a brain-damaged woman's feeding tube says that Florida courts had protected Terri Schiavo's "life and liberty interests."

Judge James Whittemore heard the emergency request Monday after President Bush and Congress passed legislation allowing federal courts to review the case.

He released his decision Tuesday morning. And in it he wrote there
was nothing to overturn rulings made by Florida courts.

He took note of Congress' expressed interest but wrote that "even under these difficult and time strained circumstances," he was "constrained to apply the law to the issues before" him.

A lawyer for her parents says they plan to appeal the ruling.

Meanwhile, a woman outside Terri Schiavo's Florida hospice calls the decision by the judge "terrible." In the woman's words, "They're going to talk and talk and she's going to die."